Our Approach

Partnership is the foundation of our approach to each project entrusted to us.

Partnership is the foundation of our approach to each project entrusted to us — communication, safety, quality, and productivity are the cornerstones.

The Titan partnership engages the owner, tenant, design team, and subcontractors from project planning through occupancy.

Communication | Consistent, Transparent & Timely

Effective communication is a hallmark of a successful project.

Project meetings aside, open, honest, real-time dialogue can prevent problems from arising, and efficiently solve problems when they do occur.


Safety | Planned, Executed & Proven

Our approach to safety extends far beyond the job site or a policy manual.

Safety is integral to our project planning, scheduling, and execution. During project planning, we anticipate — and mitigate — potential risks. Adherence to the schedule produces better safety results among trade partners, allowing work to be completed as planned and minimizing comeback work.

Our culture of continuous improvement helps eliminate waste and rework, which in turn reduces risk. Our commitment to safety builds trust among our trade partners, our employees, and the communities in which we build — trust that empowers each individual to be invested in safety.


Quality | Management, Workmanship & Deliverables

Like communication and safety, quality is essential.

We employ top talent and empower them to do what they do best. We engage trade partners who know our standards of excellence and have demonstrated their ability to deliver. We balance quality with cost. We don’t compromise quality. Preconstruction sets the stage for quality and productivity.


Productivity | Accountable, Efficient & Resourceful

At Titan, productivity is more than completing a task on a list. We engage qualified personnel with the capacity to thoroughly and efficiently manage and deliver the project.

Our team is conscientious and resourceful; we’re accountable and accurate; and we continuously raise the bar to attain the highest quality deliverables. Together, these characteristics result in an exceptional final product that exceeds client expectations.