WellSky Corporate Headquarters
CityPlace Corporate Centre III

Overland Park, Kansas
125,000 SF
4 levels of corporate offices
New construction

For a rapidly growing technology company operating in a state of continuous change, flexibility was an essential design element. Movable wall systems accommodate flexible spaces and workstation configurations in anticipation of WellSky’s growth and cater to a variety of professionals and their work styles and include sit-stand desks and informal collaboration lounges with full-height writable surfaces integrated into the open office environment. Some areas are more noise-tolerant, such as the Scrum zones, where distributed teams gather to collaborate, while other areas allow quiet, focused work. Lounges and break rooms can be reconfigured on-the-fly for large-group events. Four separate balconies extend from conference and break rooms, inviting a connection with the outdoors.

The building’s top floor serves as the client reception area and features the WellSky Experience Center – a branded, immersive demonstration space for its technology solutions. Adjacent to the Experience Center is a large, open staircase that visually and physically connects with software developers on the third floor. This staircase is the centerpiece of the Innovation Hub – a multi-level, energetic and collaborative center featuring several flexible and adaptable spaces including Scrum rooms, a video conferencing center, casual conference rooms, booth seating, a war room, and small studios.

Other building features include:

  • 30,000 SF floor plates
  • 18-foot ground floors
  • 45-foot span minimums between exterior walls and core areas
  • floor-to-floor glazing systems
  • private balconies