City of Kansas City Police Department
South Patrol Station

Kansas City, Missouri
101,895 SF
New construction
Designed to LEED Gold

The campus houses the Kansas City Police Department South Patrol and Special Operations Divisions and includes its division patrol, administrative, bomb, arson, canine, traffic enforcement, investigations, and motorcycle units. Combining multiple departments into a single campus saved money on land acquisition and construction while dramatically increasing community visibility as well as the ability to share training and storage facilities.

A 29,000-sq. ft. multipurpose facility offers additional specialty office space and a workout and training facility while also doubling as a public shelter. In addition to the patrol station, the campus features separate buildings to house a kennel, large vehicle and motorcycle storage, and a fuel dispensing station.

This facility was designed to obtain a LEED Gold designation, accomplished by meeting pollution control and clean air criteria, and employing creative storm water control and energy-saving strategies that include a geothermal heating and cooling system.