Fort Leavenworth USD No. 207
General Omar Bradley Elementary School

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
16,157 SF
Expansion & Renovation
Digital Planetarium & Theater
Constructed during school year
Interactive environment
K-6th grade

General Omar Bradley Elementary School serves families stationed at Fort Leavenworth. In contrast to Fort Leavenworth’s designation as a National Historic Landmark, its schools are committed to providing students with next-generation learning opportunities.

A new science, art, and music wing, which includes a 60-seat digital planetarium, was added to the existing school. The planetarium is a domed structure with cast stone and natural limestone cardinal compass points. The interior features a world-class, fixed digital projection system for curriculum in the solar system, astronomy, and space exploration, providing students a fully interactive and immersive learning experience.

In addition to the new wing, four classrooms, the teacher’s lounge and gymnasium were renovated.

Project challenges included:

  • Extensive technology integration
  • Constructed during the school year, with minimal impact to school operations and protecting student, staff and visitor safety
  • Specialized design and systems required additional attention to tolerance and phasing, especially regarding the planetarium